uVex mIcro lInux dIstribution fItting 128MB CF

Linux for mini wifi routers/APs/clients.


Long live to...

The version 3.0 served almost two years to me without a hitch. As long as I do not need it daily now I'll not make any new version.

27.11.2004 - version 3.0 released

Download µVex 3.0 (DustIn). (29MB)

Version 3.0 brings the latest available stable versions of all its parts. There is a new kernel 2.4.28 with lot of fixes, very basic instalation of perl, hostap 0.2.5 as add-on and more...

It consumes 76MB on compact flash. Using 128MB flash you have still approx. 38MB left for your apps.

HostAP 0.2.5 add-on for those requesting it. (not tested!)

20.7.2004 bird-1.0.9

I recommend everybody to update bird to version 1.0.9 which is quite better and has many bugfixes. (I am giving up compiling of quagga, no quagga anymore.)

25.1.2004 - version 2.1 released

µVex 2.1 (Varouch). (29MB)

Update of release 2.0. It brings many small improvements for more comfortable use and some big ones - boa web server, tinydns, quagga ready (add on development in progress).

It consumes 78MB on compact flash. Using 128MB flash you have still approx. 36MB left for your apps.

  • lilo 22.5.8, linux kernel 2.4.24, µClibc 0.9.24, busybox 1.00-pre5 (w/ udhcp(d)), ssh, sshd (OpenSSH_3.7.1p1), hostap 0.0.4 (with psrrr patch) , wireless tools 27, glib 1.2.10, gcc 3.3.2, mc 4.6.1-pre1, ether-wake 1.08, elinks 0.4.3, wavemon 0.4.0b-5 , wifimon 0.5.0, bird 1.0.7, iptables 1.2.9 (ipv4 only; iptables does not play nice with uClibc), boa 0.94.14rc18, tinydns djbdns-1.05

15.1.2004 - version 2.0 released

µVex 2.0 (Varouch). (29MB)

It is second release, which updates most of the used components. Some of them (glibc, elinks) remains in older stable version. This is because new versions are using gettext. This package is too big and is not needed for other important packages.

It consumes 74MB on compact flash. Using 128MB flash you have still approx. 40MB left for your apps.

30.8.2003 - version 1.0 released

µVex 1.0 (Varvara). It is first fully prepared version. (35MB)

It consumes 98MB on compact flash. Using 128MB flash you have still approx. 15MB left for your apps.

  • lilo 22.5.6, linux kernel 2.4.21, µClibc 0.9.20, busybox 0.61.pre, ssh, sshd (OpenSSH_3.6.1p1), hostap 0.0.4 (with psrrr patch), wireless tools 26, glib 1.2.10, gcc 3.3, mc 4.6.0, ether-wake 1.08, elinks 0.4.3rc1, udhcp 0.9.8, wavemon 0.4.0b, wifimon 0.4beta8, bird 1.0.6, iptables 1.2.8 (ipv4),

Some add ons:

zebra 0.94 - sorry ipv4 static binaries only. zebra won't compile with gcc 3.3 and µClibc

What is it?

µVex is comfortable mini / micro linux distribution based on µClibc library. It is suitable to fit on 128MB CompactFlash card but you can use also some small HDD. It provides all what you need to create advanced wireless (prefered hostap, Prism2.5) client, AP or router and much more.

Idea was to create simple, but comfort linux distribution for low noise wireless box that could be extended to whatever you want.

Main features (not complete list):

  • lilo 22.6
  • linux kernel 2.4.28
  • µClibc 0.9.24
  • busybox 1.00 (w/ udhcp(d))
  • ssh, sshd (OpenSSH_3.9p1)
  • hostap 0.0.4 (with psrrr patch)
  • wireless tools 27
  • glib 1.2.10
  • gcc 3.3.2
  • mc 4.6.1-pre1
  • ether-wake 1.08
  • elinks 0.4.3
  • wavemon 0.4.0b-5
  • wifimon 0.5.2
  • bird 1.0.9
  • iptables 1.2.11 (ipv4 only; iptables does not play nice with uClibc)
  • boa 0.94.14rc20
  • perl 5.8.5 (basic binary - no modules, i686 build only)
  • kismet 2004-04-R1
  • experimental:
    tinydns djbdns-1.05, nullmailer-1.00RC7

many other things which you know from "bigger" distributions, others you can simply compile directly in µVex. (e.g. thttpd is known to compile and work).

It could run even on i386 with 16MB (8MB is really on edge) of RAM.

Howto install µVex

So far installation is very simple. Read INSTALL.

License note

µVex is mostly only collection and recompilation of usually GNU GPL software. As this I am publishing it under GNU GPL. I do not provide all sources of the µVex parts, because you can simply collect them all over net like I did that.


Bugreports and comments to: Adam Pribyl <covex at lowlevel.cz>.

Remember to include "uvex" name of this linux distro in subject.